Sales Opportunities

UK retailers in the last years have started to see success in their international sales simply by targeting the overseas markets. There are many reasons why stores online should try to branch out and improve their global presence to generate sales opportunities.

Generating Sales Opportunities

There are massive, hugely popular market places like eBay, Amazon and Play. They are increasing in their reach every year and make trading in other countries and market places much easier. The competition is also lower, meaning it can be easier to gain new custom.

In addition, because of the competition between businesses that offer global delivery, offering sales abroad can actually be quite achievable.

UK retailer opportunities

In Europe today, we are in the middle of massive growth in e-commerce online, with studies showing that online sales in Europe will increase, on average, 12% a year up. 2016 and 19% in Southern European areas such as Spain and Italy. These countries are quickly growing close to the levels seen in Northern Europe.

Australia has seen massive increases in its online sales, this can be perhaps be put down to the fact that with its opposite seasons, retailers can have constant sales of stock.

E-Commerce Marketplaces

Marketsplaces usually have quite avid and loyal fanbases that are regular visitors and users of these sites to purchase items or just to browse. This means that you have an audience ready to view your products. Without the need to try and promote your own personal website in a long and gruelling process.

Massive marketsplaces such as Amazon and Play come highly trusted and recommended by many users. They come with secure payment and protection to the customer and retailer meaning people are more likely to use the service.

If you have a good feed of product date then using marketplaces are relatively simple. Stock being allocated to different areas and stock levels can quite easily be checked and modified regularly.

What about smaller retailers?

Small retailers always face the issue of trying to be competitive when fighting against large retailers, as it’s hard to price products competitively and still make a profit. The advantage of offering your products abroad means that the competition may be less in certain countries or even not exist meaning that you can offer products at a price that you are comfortable with.

Localised content

If you want to launch on Amazon and eBay’s daily deal service then you will have to have localised descriptions for your products and content.

Someone visiting from Spain they will obviously use Spanish keywords and search terms to find products. If your products are not in the local language of the user then your products will not be displayed, and even if they are, will not be understood by the client.

Before you begin

Before you begin selling, you need to make sure you have researched the markets. You need to know about the local VAT and tax rates in each country. How that will affect your prices and profit margins?You also need to allow yourself a little time to work out how everything works. It can be quite daunting having to manage multiple feeds, countries, sales, reports, stock levels, prices etc. Make sure you have a good system in place to handle this and keep refining it as you move forward.

In addition, your data feeds need to be optimised correctly for each market place. This may mean hiring 3rd party translation services to have your feed products, descriptions and keywords translated.

If you would like any help setting up your data feed then why not get in contact with us here at FeedPlatform.


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