Product Feed Specification

Below is the explanation of fields that are used at FeedPlatform. Required fields are marked with the orange color.

Product ID
Provide the unique number you use internally to identify this item. Please keep this number for any updates to this item in future feeds. systems use this number to identify, track and report on this item.

Product URL
URL on your website containing the product detail and buy button for the applicable product.

This is the name of the product, and should be true to the actual product. Titles should be as clear and concise as possible. Please use all available information when stating what the product is.

The product price should be the cost of the product before tax or shipping. Do not include any rebates, coupons, or bulk discounts. Prices should be whole numbers with a maximum of two decimal places. Price fields are numeric; no text is permitted. Do not include “$” or any other symbols.

The top category your product belongs to on your site(store)

The child category of your product belongs to on your site(store)

Brand Name
Brand of product

Manufacturer of product

Short Description
Short Description of product

Long Description
Long Description of product

A feature or amenity of a property.

Product specifications, technical details of the product

Price VAT
Price including value added tax (VAT) included

Price RRP
Price including recommended retail price (RRP)

Price Cost
Cost of product

In Stock
State the availability of the product.

The number of items available.

Big Image URL
Valid URL to image of current product

Small Image URL
Valid URL to small (thumbnail) image of current product

Big Logo URL
Valid URL to manufacturer logo image of product

Small Logo URL
Valid URL to manufacturer small (thumbnail) logo image of product

Delivery Cost
Specifies delivery cost for this product

Delivery Time
Specifies any delivery period associated with this product.

Manufacturer part number of product – is a unique identifier

European Article Number (

The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a barcode symbology (i.e., a specific type of barcode), that is widely used in Canada and the United States for tracking trade items in stores. (

Custom Field 1

Custom fields can be mapped as any field of your feed field

Custom Field 20

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