To Shopzilla


Follow these steps to list your products across the Shopzilla Sites:

1. Create a Shopzilla Merchant Account – It’s free and there’s absolutely no obligation.


2. Fund your account with a fully-refundable deposit of $50.00. The entire amount is applied toward cost-per-click leads that you’ll generate from your product listings.


3. Activate Campaign – you should activate your campaign to include your product listings in the Shopzilla search engine.


4. Submit the feed. From home page of your account Click button Submit Feed and proceed to Step 2: Establish a Delivery Location. Use button Create that next to “Use my delivery location option”, select http submission method and specify feed location. Once you filled feed location you should see the result like on the picture below.


5. Then proceed to Step 3: Upload your feed to the location. Here, you will simply click Done button, next to Click once you have uploaded your feed.


6. Proceed to Step 4: Check for Errors. Click Check Feed and then review the errors and fix them if necessary. When the feed is free of errors, click the back button and go further.


7. Step 5: Begin Processing Feed. Click Process. If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to make a payment. Once everything is done, your product listings will go live.


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