Before you submit your data feed, you’ll need to register with eBay, you will also need to download eBay Turbo Lister, which can be found on the following page:

Turbo Lister

Once downloaded, you will need to install on your computer and load it up.

Simple Steps:

  • visit Turbo Lister home page click“download”, save the download
  • click on “setupUS” and follow the prompts to complete installer, launch the application, “set up a new Turbo Lister File” and click next – new database will be created to manage your listing
  • enter eBay account log in information and click “connect now”
  • verify your contact information and choose one of 2 options

Start new listing


 Download your existing listing into Turbo Lister -select “import my eBay listing” and click finish

To create new listing click “New” then Feature and option form will appear. Click on text book and you can edit if  needed:

  • item title and subtitle
  • initial bid, buy it now and reserve prices
  • item category and photos
  • detailed item description
  • shipping, warranty, returns information
  • payment information
  • allowed bidder polices

Once all options are set click “save”.  You can save the listing as template file as well.After saving – the item will appear in the list of your auctions shown in the main Turbo Lister window. If you are ready to upload auctions – select the auctions that you want and click “add to upload” button.Turbo Lister will give you choice to upload immediately or add them to batch of auctions to be uploaded later.Once batches are ready to upload click “waiting to upload” tab then click “upload all” to send your changes and new auctions to eBay.

Turbo Lister it is very fast and intuitive way to list items. It is great seller tool, helps to save a lots of time and time is money.


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