To Amazon

Before you submit your data feed, you’ll need to register with Amazon. The first time you make a purchase, Amazon will automatically set up an account for you.

Adding Amazon inventory one item at a time, checking your product listing, updating inventory manually can be very time-consuming. Amazon has tool which helps batch upload multiply items with Excel template. It is very effective and useful tool.  It works very well and produces very good results.

The Inventory Loader File Template allows quick updating the inventory level of existing products on the company’s website but not to create new products.

It is very easy to download the Inventory Loader File Template appropriate for the product. Then you need to enter product information matching the heading in the file and click “Add-Ins” , “Import File”.

After checking all the details and uploading files Amazon is going to confirm your seller account log in information and excel spreadsheet will upload all relevant files.

It needs to be bear in mind that repeatedly from time to time updates the template file. Then you need to just click “Update Template”button on the “Add-Ins” tab.

It is possible delay between inventory listing and when Amazon will show it on the Seller dashboard.

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