How to make a file/folder writable (chmod 777)


CHMOD is the unix/linux command used to change permissions on a file or folder. Permissions are expressed as a three digit number with a digit each for Owner, Group and World permissions respectively. But you don’t really have to know all this to change permissions.
In this example we’re going to use FileZilla, but you can use any other FTP software that support chmod UNIX. Setting the permissions on a file or folder is very easy:

1. Open FileZilla and connect to your website.
2. Once connected, double-click on public_html to view the contents of your web space. If your store is in a subdirectory, you’ll need to do double-click that directory to get to the base folder of your store. (ie. /store/, /cart/, /shop/, etc.)
3. Right-click on one of the feedplatform folder and a popup menu will appear. On this menu choose “File permissions”, at the bottom of the popup menu.


4. A new popup will appear called “Change File Attributes”.


5. To change the permission value, you can either enter the three digit number required in the box called “Numeric Value”, or select the appropriate check boxes.
6. Check boxes all boxes or specify 777 at Numeric Value.
7. Once you have entered the desired Numeric Value click on “OK”

NOTE: Do not change the permissions of store root directory or any other shopping cart folders.

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