Integration For Pinnacle Cart

1. Open the file content/engine/design/templates/pages/checkout/completed.html
2. In the open file, insert the following line at the beginning of the file:

{assign var=products_ids value=”}
if (is_array($this->_tpl_vars[‘items’])) {
foreach ($this->_tpl_vars[‘items’] as $item) {
$this->_tpl_vars[‘products_ids’] .= $item[‘sku’] . ‘|’;
$this->_tpl_vars[‘products_ids’] = substr($this->_tpl_vars[‘products_ids’], 0, -1);
<img src=”<ACCOUNT_ID>/?products_ids={$products_ids}&order_total={$order_amount}&order_id={$order_num}” />


3. Save and close the file.

Important: Please replace <ACCOUNT_ID> with actual Account ID. You can find Account ID at Edit Campaign -> Traffic Tracking -> Conversion Tracking.

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