Integration For CRE Loaded


Step 1.

1. In your CRE Loaded installation, open the file checkout_process.php
2. In the open file, locate the following line:

// load the after_process function from the payment modules$payment_modules->after_process();

3. Insert before it:

//FeedPlatform Conversion Tracking Code$_SESSION[‘order_id’] = $insert_id;$_SESSION[‘order_total’] = $order->info[‘total’];$order_products_id = ”;for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($order->products); $i<$n; $i++){  $order_products_ids .= ($i!=0 ? ‘|’ : ”) . $order->products[$i][‘id’];}$_SESSION[‘order_products_ids’] = $order_products_ids;//End of FeedPlatform Conversion Tracking Code

Step 2.
1. In your CRE Loaded template directory, open the file checkout_success.tpl.php. If your template doesn’t include that file, please check the /templates/content/ folder
2. Go to the very end of the file
3. Insert there the following code:

echo ‘<img src=”<ACCOUNT_ID>/?products_ids=’ . $_SESSION[‘order_products_ids’] .
‘&order_total=’ . $_SESSION[‘order_total’] . ‘&order_id=’ . $_SESSION[‘order_id’] . ‘” />’;

Important: Please replace <ACCOUNT_ID> with actual Account ID. You can find Account ID at Edit Campaign -> Traffic Tracking -> Conversion Tracking.

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