Versions 1.0.86 – (2013-06-13 – 2015-07-09)

– Updated Amazon Product Ads taxonomy
– Updated values for US
– Add Amazon Pet Supplies Feed
– Updated values for PriceGrabber
– Add PriceFalls Feed
– Added “Promotion_ID” to Google feed format
– Fixed bag with ModifyRules
– Update Amazon Home and Garden feed
– Refactored identifiers_exists for Google feed
– Added support Additional_Images for US
– Fixed issue with filters
– Added bridge support shopping cart CS-Cart ver 4.0 and higher
– Added support multi currency feed for Zen-Cart

Versions 1.0.71 – 1.0.85 (2013-10-11 – 2013-06-13)

– Added notification of new registered account by posting some data to url
– Now when subscription is canceled, all campaigns above subscription limit will be disabled
– Updated Google Taxonomy file
– Fixed issue with edit store link
– Added notification about new account created
– Allow SFTP upload
– Fixes for plans
– Updated Shoes
– Add Australian eBay feed
– Fixed design issue
– Add US eBay feed
– Added new error reporting email
– Fixed issue with Modifaers
– Updated US feed
– Updated delimiter

Versions 1.0.37 – 1.0.70 (2013-01-28 – 2013-10-11)

– Fixed geoip flags displaying
– Added Amazon Shoes feed
– Added “identifier_exists” to Google feed format
– Added modifiers for:
– Added modifiers apliying to Amazon feeds
– Fixed issue with displaying/exporting products when some category is blocked
– Fixed issue with double gzipped response from bridge (gzip compression is on)
– Fixed issue with exclude filters
– Redesign of the subscription page
– Updated users plans
– Code refactored to get plans configs
– Updated PriceGrabber Taxonomy
– Added stab function to cancel subscription in our system
– Now disabled campaigns shows on dashboard, but in disabled state
– Fixed issue with upload from url
– Enabled new plans with marketplaces

Versions 1.0.32 – 1.0.36 (2013-05-29 – 2013-06-13)

– Added Amazon Health & Beauty
– Added Amazon Beauty Template
– Updated format
– Updated Google feed ‘Expiration Date’
– Added clicks and conversions detailed grids on campaign performance reports
– Fixed issue with clicks counts in reports daily/weekly reports
– Fixed counters in admin daily/weekly campaigns status reports
– Added info icons on dashboard for clicks and conversions
– Added category matching for Yandex Market
– Improved Yandex Market format to use yandex categories
– Fixed issue with modifiers for custom feed formats
– Added html entities to Yandex category name
– Fixed issue with custom fields overhead for manual upload

Versions 1.0.2 – 1.0.31 (2013-01-28 – 2013-05-29)

– Added ability to download application logs
– Added ability to run restore/backup of database
– Added
– Format fixes for
– Added ability to map one widget name to multiple keys
– Improvements in bridge errors handling
– Small fixes for Yandexmarket and Kelkoo.php
– Added newEgg apparel
– Fix for clicks tracking when CSE adds additional params to url
– Fixed country for newEgg
– Added Amazon Watches Template
– Added ability to generate feedEngine class from CSV File
– Updated Yandex format
– Updated Amazon Watches format
– Updated taxonomy

Versions 0.8.22 – 1.0.1 (2012-12-05 – 2013-01-28)

– Changed email for store integration request
– Fixed issue with custom feed engines optional fields
– Removed ability to upload download feedEngines from/to different environments
– Refactored Proteus_ErrorHandler
– Added ability to create custom XML feeds
– Added is required custom fields js check during fields mapping
– Added custom feed XML format preview
– Fixed dashboard conversions count number
– UI bug fixes
– Added ability to apply optimization rules to campaign
– Fixed issue with field mapping for feed engine without optional field
– Added quotation for ShopTab and Pronto formats
– Updated Shoppingcom and Shopzilla2 feed

Versions 0.8.13 – 0.8.21 (13 Nov 2012 – 05 Dec 2012)

– Added ability to apply modifiers to campaign optional fields
– Added 2.0 feed format
– Added ability to send store integration request
– Updated feed format
– Updated feed format
– Updated feed format
– Updated feed format
– Added ability to upload feed file to via FTP
– Fixed issue with “cannot detect delimiter” for small .scv files (less then 3 rows)
– Fixed issue with “custom fields count out of bounds” error during import
– Other small fixes

Versions 0.7.84 – 0.8.13 (14 Mar 2012 – 13 Nov 2012)

– Added and feed support
– Added,, formats
– Added formats:,,,,,
– Fixed minor bug in conversion tracking
– Improved category auto matching functionality
– Added message in demo account with registration link
– Minor improvement for Google Product Search
– Fixed Issue with rotating exported files
– Added fields mapping preview for custom made feeds
– Fixed issue with “Import has been interrupted with error” message, but import finishes correctly.
– Fixed issues with installing bridge on stores with redirect
– Updated WebGains format
– Added ability to map PrestaShop stores fields to Feed/FeedPlatform fields
– Updated and formats
– Some small UI fixes according
– Added limitations on products import into FeedPlatform
– Fixed issue with date ranges in reports
– Added revenue to traffic reports
– Fix for URL tracking params applying
– Added product performance report
– Improved products and categories performance reports
– Added ability to export reports data to csv
– Added more date ranges to traffic reports

Versions 0.7.83 – 0.7.86 (30 Jan 2012 – 14 Mar 2012)

– Added Optimization rules
– Fixed issue with delivery_cost and delivery_time in WebGains feed
– Added new performance reports
– Added new date ranges for performance reports
– Added low level category matching notification
– Other small fixes

Versions 0.7.29 – 0.7.83 (27 July 2011 – 30 Jan 2012)

– Added subscriptions
– Fixed issue with weight in Google Product Search feed
– Added ability to disable unique product identifiers for Google Product Search feed
– Fixed issue with file extension in download-feed link
– Added CSE support
– Added ability to export extra-fields from X-Cart
– Improved bot clicks detection
– Fixed issue with fields mapping for uploaded file without header
– Now when trafick tracking status changed feed regenerates automatically
– Fixed issue with cyrillic symbols in non-cyrillic CSE
– Many other tiny fixes

Versions 0.7.0 – 0.7.29 (08 June 2010 – 27 July 2011)

– Added Bing Shopping
– New reports sections
– Improved handling of western european encodings
– Added Ukrainian local CSE’s:;;;;;
– Added rename action for stores and capmaigns
– Added delete action for campaigns
– All codebase has been prepared for localization
– Added more automated functional tests
– Added ability to select categories that would be exported
– Multilanguage support
– Scheduler has been simplified
– Fixed modify rules
– Added footer navigation
– Improved compatibility with mod_security (bridge)
– Added upload progress bar
– Imporoved handling of non-latin encodings
– Added products url checking
– Name field splitted into Firstname and Lastname fields
– Added bot detection
– Changed automatch algorithm (due to Google closed Base API)

Versions 0.6.0 – 0.6.63 (22 March 2010 – 07 June 2011)

– Increased quantity of custom fields from 20 to 100
– New interface design deployed

Versions 0.5.0 – 0.5.79 (09 November 2010 – 03 March 2011)

– Added Automated Submit to Google Product Search feature
– Added ability to make White-labeled accounts
– Added support for custom products fields (Magento only)
– UI translated into Russian
– Imporved auto-match feature. It’s running in background and match ~90% of categories
– Improved default date format to more readable
– Improved Import from Http. Now it takes 3 tries to download feed if failed
– many other tiny features

Versions 0.4.48 – 0.4.54 (20 October 2010 – 09 November 2010)

– Increased limit on import large products lists to 100000
– Added SSL tracking support
– Updated Pricegrabber taxonomy
– Added filter on bot tracking urls clicks
– Added help links to “import from store” error messages
– Added default redirect to client store if product not found
– Custom formats moved to the top of the list in Add Campaign dialog
– Fixed matched categories count in Category Match
– Fixed bug with invalidating traking urls for removed products
– Fixed brake of traking urls when importing empty or invalid feed

Versions 0.4.42 – 0.4.48 (11 October 2010 – 20 October 2010)

– Fixed conversion code
– Added workaround for clicktracking for GoogleBase
– Fixed import log contents for Direct Store import
– Fixed lot of UI issues in import

Versions 0.4.35 – 0.4.42 (1 October 2010 – 11 October 2010)

– Added bulk matching in category matching grid
– Added Multiple feeds import
– Fixed filters when click on number near category name in Category Matching grid
– Fixed Export Options stuck on opening bug
– Added useful links in email reports footer
– Added XML and CSV feed support
– Added “How to fix” link into export feed error log
– Fixed Blocked products make export status “Attention” corrected to “Success”
– Fixed bug Products re-import unblocks previously blocked products
– Fixed scheduler Once per Odd Day option
– Added Search in Category Matching dialog
– Fixed Add Campaign stuck on loading issue

Versions 0.4.13 – 0.4.35 (29 August 2010 – 1 October 2010)

– “Import from store” import method passed tests on real stores(up to 20000 products)
– Added “Optimization” tab and bussines rules
– Added predefined bussiness rules to simplify usage
– Improved interlinking in reports
– Fixed several export scheduler bugs
– Added ability to select subscriber plan for account
– Added user roles such as Agency Administrator, Agency Staff, etc…
– Added “Auto-match” feature
– Improved User Interface to fit small screen
– Added Employee column to Import History grid
– Improved Import dialog to make it simplier and to bring expected behavior
– Added notification icons to clients grid
– “Attention” shows near Run Now when product list was changed says “Need re-export”
– “Failed” shows near Last Import and Export dates when import/export was failed
– Improved windows management. Child windows will close when parent get closed
– Restored BetaEasy feedback badge

Versions 0.3.18 – 0.4.13 (26 July 2010 – 29 August 2010)

– Added “Customize Format” dialog
– Login screen design improved
– Improved stability of tracking server. Added configuration test mode
– “Edit Profile” and “Edit Agency” buttons added to the top bar
– Preview import format fields mapping and order in Import Feed dialog
– Added Product-level category matching
– Added mail notifications for failed import/export
– Predefined import formats grouped by type
– Added links to Sign Up pages for target systems (CSE) in Add Campaign dialog
– Automatic delimiter detection for imported feeds files
– Added support of Importing XML product feeds
– Added Import directly from store. Supported carts are:
CRE Loaded, CS Cart, CubeCart, Interspire, Magento, osCMax, osCommerce, Pinnacle Cart
Prestashop, xt:Commerce(Veyton), VirtueMart(Joomla), Zen Cart
– Clicks that have no referrer url are filtered
– Added logos, descriptions and country info in Add Campaign dialog
– Target Systems (CSE’s) categorized by product types
– Added support of existing taxonomies for custom feed engines
– Target Systems (CSE’s) ranked and sorted by Alexa Traffic Rank (less better). Rank is updating once a week
– Added history of product blocking actions w/ ability to revert changes
– Added block feature to the performance reports
– Added column containing date of the last download of the feed

– Fixed a bug with comparing current time and scheduled time at scheduled import feature
– Added warning when user trying to export 0 products
– Fixed bug with opening several similar windows
– Added URL encoding to custom tracking variables
– Fixed a bug with unexpected log off after 30 minutes of login
– Fixed agency logo upload issue
– Fixed accessibility of for some clients

– Added support
– Added support
– Added support
– Added support
– Added Bing Shopping support
– Added support
– Added support
– Added CNET support
– Added support
– Added support
– Added support
– Added support
– Added support
– Added ShopMed support
– Added support
– Added PriceWatch support
– Added Underbid support
– Added Greenzer support
– Added Ebates support
– Added GrabCart support
– Added support
– Added ShopToIt support

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